Sunday, February 3, 2008

Overnight on the Snowmobile Trail

Cecil and Stephanie decided to stay out snowmobiling a few extra days so they spent an overnight on the trip at Beauview.
They traveled from Burks Falls to Dwight to Dorset to Baysville to Beauview on great trails with little traffic for much of the way.

Beauview Cottage Resort, Huntsville, Ontario, Canada 800-363-6047

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Stephanie said...

Hi Gord and Nancy
Thank you so much for your kind hospitality during our overnight stay at BEAUVIEW cottages. The cottage was very inviting and warm upon our arrival and the hot tub was great for our cold tired muscles from the day on the snowmobile trails. The trails were fantastic and the directions you gave us made it very easy to find you.

We watched Superbowl Sunday on the satelitte TV and enjoyed the hot tub. The complimentary bottle of wine was a perfect touch.
Hope you have a happy and healthy year and you wanna bet you'll see us again.
(the pictures on the web BLOG was a surprise)

Cec and Steph