Friday, August 22, 2008

Wildlife Boat Cruise on Lake of Bays

Last evening, one of our guest families went out on a cruise of Lake of Bays. They are familiar with the lake as some of them have been coming since they were children - 39 years and counting.

So what do the 39 year veterans look for when they go cruising? - Not Bigwin Island or the old resorts, Not Shania Twain's cottage... they want to see if the beavers are still here. (I told them that Frank and Gordon, the Bell Canada TV beavers, had retired from Bell and were back, but they wanted to see for themselves.)

With cameras at the ready, they first saw a blue heron on the edge of Langmaids Island, and then two loons, which they circled around to get the right lighting for photos.

Then off to the secret beaver spots but no beavers to see, just birch cuttings.

With a little more lake touring, they returned to the secret beaver spot and were rewarded with a beaver sighting and a tail slap. (This authenticates the sighting so there's no possibility that the animal was an otter or floating log.)

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