Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We survived a 3 day Power Outage!

From last Sunday morning until this afternoon, we had a power outage due to a storm with 100 mile an hour winds. Lots of branches down on our property and lots of trees down on hydro wires throughout Muskoka. 40,000 homes in Muskoka without power. 250,000 homes in southern Ontario without power.

At the time, we had guests staying with us in a number of cottages. Our water system is on a back up generator so the water works and everyone's toilet still flushes. The cottages all have gas fireplaces for heat and most have gas stoves for cooking. The hot water lasted for the first day and then it was heated on the stove.

You could still go tobogganing, skiing, or snowshoeing. Part of Huntsville had power so you could even have a meal out.

At night, the flashlights and glow sticks came on for light. People did activities they wouldn't normally do. Played games by flashlight.

One of the best was children in one cottage putting on a show using the glow sticks to create light dancing to music. Lots of imagination. Very cool!

Some used their laptops to play DVD movies. We charged up guests cell phones and laptops using our generator. We plugged in a crockpot dinner for one family that was ready when they came back from a day of snowshoeing at Ragged Falls. (It smelled great but we were good and didn't scoop any for ourselves!)

Only one family left early and it was because they had a new baby with them. All the rest stayed and didn't leave ahead of schedule.

What a great time for family to reconnect!

One couple, here on a romantic getaway, said they enjoyed playing cribbage by flashlight - yeah sure!

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