Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Moose at long last!

Every Spring, I go into Algonquin Park looking for moose. We send our guests into the park too. They come back with some great sightings but I haven't seen a moose in Algonquin park in over 10 years until today! Moose are more visible this time of year before the trees have all their leaves. They also like eating close to the road to get salt content back into their bodies after the long winter.

Today I saw one moose at KM3 and then travelled 1/2 way through the park without seeing anything. I turned around to come back and found the a moose (could be the same one) on the opposite side of the road and another mommy moose and two babies hidden in the bush.

PS There's still ice on the lakes in Algonquin park but the ice has just left Lake of Bays.

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