Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Travel by GPS

We were tourists last weekend. We visited our daughter in Waterloo, went to Cirque de Soleil Circus in Toronto and visited friends in Hamilton.

I always wanted to get one of these GPS Navigation units that are on sale and getting cheaper and cheaper each time I see a sale flyer.

We tried the Blackberry version getting from Waterloo to Hamilton and from Hamilton back to Beauview. (We used Telus Navigator on my Blackberry) I was impressed by the accuracy but it isn't always right and doesn't always take you the way you should go. Its best to have a full address to avoid confusion.

Did we get lost? No. If I didn't know the roads would I have made a wrong turn?. Yes. The nice part about these newer units is that they will replot a new route if you go the wrong way. The older ones would just say "off route, off route !" - which was very annoying!

It is a good idea to still have a map on paper ...just in case.

To program your GPS unit, our address is:
4215 South Portage Road.
P1H 2J3

If all else fails call us at 800-363-6047 and we'll direct you in!

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