Monday, January 11, 2010

Lake of Bays Ice Rink

The lake ice was not quite thick enough at Christmas time to have a rink but it has been very cold especially at night, over the last week.

On Sunday, a number of ice huts materialized on the lake near the public dock and I could see that the mid part of the lake has just frozen over. Nobody went out there - Thank goodness!

I started on my first ice rink of the season today. I shovelled by hand using a scoop, as there was slush under the snow that my snowblower can't handle. As the ice gets thicker, the water comes up through the cracks to make slush in the snow or floods my ice rink! I wanted to get the snow off so that it wouldn't act as an insulator or create more slush that couldn't be moved
(Over the winter, I make at least three versions of an ice rink depending on the weather conditions)

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