Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Walk on Water

It's risky. It's dangerous. We tell our guests to "use at their own risk". You can NEVER say that the ice is SAFE
but... I took a walk on our lake yesterday.

There's lots of snowmobile tracks. Many ice huts. I have even seen a pick up truck driving around on the ice. (The CAA won't come and rescue you if you get stuck)

Off in the distance near Rock island (the kids call it "bird poop" island because of all the cormorant birds that nest there) out by Clovelly Point, there's a small village of ice huts. Must be good trout fishing there!

Some of the neighbours' docks have open water around them. As I walked, there's cracks and water spots that looked like they just had frozen over.

BUT I made it out to Clovelly Point and didn't get wet!

How many people from the city can say they have ever had a "walk on water" experience?!

BTW My friend Brian came across the lake on his snowmobile and said that there are pressure cracks and open water hazzards in the "usual" places. ( Brian knows. He's has been on this lake for over 40 years)

I still won't take the chance with my ATV on the lake.

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