Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lots of work done at Beauview on a Sunny Day

Thanks to my brother Rick for providing the labour and Mother Nature for providing a Sunny day.

The four new BBQ 's replaced the remaining older ones. Cottage- 2 -5 have new ones. (Cottages 1 and 6 got new ones last year)
They weigh between 85 and 100 pounds. (I know because I carried them home from the store)

Two people to get them onto the decks and take the old ones to the metal recycler.

Then on to the docks. As the ice was moving 2 weeks ago, it kept bashing our docks. No problem as most of them float and I just move them back after the ice leaves. All except for our one dock on posts. The ice bent this dock like an accordion, crushed the posts and it didn't bend back.
This week I built a new dock section, which needed 2 people to put the frame in the water. And then my brother did what he enjoys the most - while I put on new dock boards, he took a crowbar to the damaged dock. BIG smile on his face as he tore up the old dock. Then the power tools came out to cut it up.

We also took out the old stairs going to the lake by the swimming area. Crowbar and sledge hammer work there too. .. Lots of fun for my brother, the city office worker.

I am very luck to have my brother around to help.

I wonder if there are others who work at a desk job during the week that would like to do some manual labour on the weekend ... for Fun!?

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