Friday, November 23, 2012

Is Wifi something you need when you travel?

When we travel , it's a given that I need to have access to the internet wherever we stay.  I use it to keep in touch with family and business by email.  We use it to find where to  eat that's nearby and any local attractions that we may wish to visit. It's almost like an extension of the concerierge service you find at the big hotels.

When we were away last weekend, we stayed in downtown toronto for one night and out in Bowmanville for a second night.  Both were chain hotels and relatively new.  The one in downtown toronto had internet problems where I kept being logged off after a few seconds and the Bowmanville Hotel had no wifi except in the lobby, but would lend you a cable for your laptop.  What do you think I'm going to remember about these hotels? Not how clean or up to date or the great breakfast... I'm going to remember the wifi hastles.

At Beauview, we have a wifi network that runs throughout the property.  There are signal boosters for the far away places.  iPhones and Apple devices as well as laptops can all be accommodated by the network.  We get a strong internet signal from down the lake. So strong that we are also an internet access point for our cottage neighbours.

We want your stay at Beauview to be problem free.  The internet service should just be there... no worries!

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