Saturday, January 31, 2009

A True BIG Fish Story?

Our neighbours Mike and Johnny have an ice hut out on Lake of Bays near Langmaids Island. Johnny tells me that Mike caught a 16 pound Lake Trout this week on his second attempt.
The first time, the fish took 30 feet of line with him and the second time they got him along with the 30 feet of line.
Mike and Johnny didn't have a camera but Mike did have his Blackberry. The only problem is that Mike didn't know how to use the camera in it. They flagged down a kid from another hut and he took the photo.

Johnny promised they'd email it to me... but I haven't seen it yet!
Maybe when Mike's kids are up at the cottage this weekend they can show him how to use the Blackberry camera.

I'll post the photo when I get it.

By the way, they put the fish back in the lake for other people to catch.

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