Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gord is being taught how to Fish

In the 16 years we've been at Beauview, I rarely have gotten out to fish. This week, I had two fishermen staying with us that didn't bring their boats and I had just bought a new fish finder & depth sounder that I wanted to try out.

I went out one night with Jim who was armed with the latest fishing intelligence from Mitch at Triple Star Baits in Baysville. Jim caught one fish and I didn't catch any but we saw a lot pass by us on the fish finder screen!

Last night I went out with Ken, who's been coming to Beauview for 14 years. He used to bring his boat and fish all the time. I wanted him to show me his secret fishing spots. (Then maybe I could qualify as a fishing guide!!)

Ken caught 5 fish and I didn't catch any. I tried, lures, special scented minnows and worms.

And... lots of fish passed by under the boat that didn't want to come into the boat! (I turned off the sound alarm on the fish finder - it was starting to be annoying!)

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